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A Good Sign at Silverlake’s Craft Bar The Virgil

Silverlake’s premiere specialty cocktail bar The Virgil is sporting a beautiful new neon sign. The glowing display designed by Chapple Designs can be seen from blocks away. But how does neon work? In the Scientific American, Eric Schiff, chair of the department of physics at Syracuse University says “One need apply only a modest electric voltage to electrodes at the ends of a glass tube containing the inert gas and the light begins to glow.” The Virgil is also teeming with brilliance inside with a delightful beverage program that takes a farm to bar approach with delicious, fresh-squeezed juice cocktails coupled with an emphasis on an amazing rum, tequila and mezcal selection plus a full selection of vodka, whiskey, beer and other favorites as well. The easily visible neon is only a sign of many good things to come at The Virgil.

The Virgil
4519 Santa Monica Blvd.

Silverlake / Los Angeles, CA 90029

(323) 660-4540

twitter: @thevirgil

Open 7pm – 2am, Monday through Saturday.
The Virgil is a specialty craft cocktail bar on the edge of Silver Lake brought to you by Temple Bar Concepts, the owners and operators of the most legendary bar in Venice – Townhouse & The Del Monte Speakeasy


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